1 – 15 May 2016 – Genuine, open laughter.

1 – 15 May 2016 – Genuine, open laughter

The wonder of the month immediately following IV antibiotics; uninterrupted sleep, the ability to climb stairs, to hold a phone conversation without littering it with “excuse me” and “hold that thought”. I can laugh, genuinely, openly laugh without having to stifle it in fear of losing my grip and my breath.

May is a busy month. Several hearings, defences to submit, new clients to meet and a full day of mediation. The mediation was a total success with the added bonus of almost unlimited access to chai tea latte (Starbucks opposite the venue)

Tribunal hearings in the month following IV antibiotics are always a delight. Any other time they are manageable if I watch what I eat and I have my ‘night out survival kit’ with me. I inevitably lose my voice for several days after. I didn’t have to worry about this in May.

I remember having a four day hearing when I was nearly six months pregnant. I had constant morning sickness throughout my pregnancy and throughout the day. During the hearing I not only had to control the cough but the urge to throw up in the lap of my learned friend who sat next to me.   I managed not to, but at times he really did deserve it. I had been given the nod from the Judge to leave without explanation if the urge became too strong.

The case was found in my client’s favour, so I look back on it and chuckle.

The additional work and trips to the park with H have left me with little time to write a diary.

On one occasion LOB (Little Older Brother) accompanied us to the park. H loved every second. She shouted him over to every swing, slide and roundabout, mispronouncing it every time.

H: “Come and slide with me

H: “Come on

H:”Come on, faster!!”

Our holiday to Portugal is getting closer. H and I keep talking about the beach. She’s so excited.

H: “We going on an aeroplane Daddy?”


16 May 2016 – Get a Grip! You’re a Mum and you’re a Lawyer.

Barbra Streisand has announced a tour in the US. Hubby sent the announcement to me by email saying “Look! Do you want to go?

The tickets go on sale on 25 May. The tour dates span August 2016 and every concert will be in the US with the last date being in Canada. I’m not sure I could fly that far with H. I’m not sure I could leave her (with Grannie or Hubby).  I’m not sure I could fly that far alone. Even if I could do any of those, Sarah will be on maternity leave in August and FP and SL have booked 3 weeks of annual leave each during July and August.

Hubby is in the process of booking a week away with BOB and LOB during the first week in August. I literally do not have four days free in August to go to the US, I have my own show to run.

Argh… What to do?!?

Get a grip. You’re a Mum and you’re a Lawyer.  You have stuff to do.


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