1 – 7 March 2016 – “It’s Saturday and Mummy isn’t moving from this settee”

1 – 5 March 2016 – Argh!

Why does a five day break cause so much extra work? I’m only taking four days away from the office.  I wouldn’t have been there on Friday anyway.  The run up to a holiday is so stressful that you actually question why you booked the holiday in the first place.

You’re such an idiot. What on earth were you thinking? The office, the clients, the file reviews, the post man, the staff in the coffee shop downstairs, can’t possibly survive without you!

I may have skipped a lot of medication this week and had too many early mornings, up at 6.00am, squeezing in a few hours’ of work at the dining table before H’s waking “Muuuuuumy, is it morning yet?

I have promised myself that I will be on top of everything by the end of the week and then I’m going to have a week of relaxation, physio, regular meds and nebulisers.

Saturday 5, March 2016 – Sunday, 6 March 2016 – Ouch

I woke in the early hours of Saturday morning and I hurt. My fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulders.  My knuckles were swollen and red.  It hurt to turn over and to pull the covers over me. “Oh great“. Well, at least I don’t have migraine too.

I fell asleep again before finding the energy to get up and take medication.

When I woke up on Saturday morning the pain had taken over every joint. I had planned to clean the house from top to bottom today whilst Hubby did the supermarket run (general preparation for the annual Centre Parcs trip). Sod it, the cases were packed and the food could be purchased tomorrow. Saturday was spent on the settee watching Cinderella with H snuggled under a blanket.

H “Mummy, are we getting dressed yet?

M: “No, sweetie, it’s Saturday and Mummy isn’t moving from this settee

H: “Erm… okey dokey

M: “Do you want Daddy to dress you? You could take Honey for a walk with Daddy?

H: “Erm…Nope…but can I have cake please?

M: “Daaaaaaaaady

By Sunday morning the steroids had started to work. Grannie came for coffee and Hubby did the pre-holiday supermarket run – all the essentials, vodka, beer, whisky, chocolate, honey, tea…and everything on Chef Hubby’s list. He has planned a fantastic menu for the week. We’re sharing a villa with Grannie and Little Sis is joining us midweek.

Monday 7, March 2016 – Center Parcs

We manage to pack H, the suitcases, the laptop, nebuliser, meds and a week’s worth of food into the car and set off by 11.00am. H is excited but extremely well behaved.

I can move freely today.  Lifting is a struggle but I can just about manage H.

H: “Mummy, we’re going on holiday

M: “Yes, sweetie, we are

H: “no nursery Mummy?”,

M: “Nope, no nursery, just lots of fun

H: “Is Grannie coming too Mummy?

M: “Yes sweetie, she is

H: “Yey”!


Two minutes later…

H: “Mummy, are we going on holiday?

M (and Hubby/Daddy in chorus): “Yes sweetie

H: “Are we going swimming?

M: “Yes, lots of swimming and lots of walks in the woods and lots of cuddles

H: “Mummy, and lots of fun?

M: “Yes, lots of fun

H: “Hurray


Two minutes later…

H: “Mummy, are we going on holiday?

M: “Sweetie, let’s sing “The Wheels on the Bus” ”

We sing along to this and at least 15 other children’s songs until H falls asleep.

The music is switched off. Ahhhhhhhh

I turn to Hubby, “Hun

Hubby: “Yep?

M: “Are we going on holiday?

It’s going to be great.

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