1 February – 2 March 2018 – Disappointment and frustration don’t really do it justice

1 February to 11 February

General IV nightmare.

Monday, 12 February

End of IV clinic appointment.

My lung function is lower than it was when I started. After ten days of constant sickness, several allergic reactions, a few days as an in – patient, disappointment and frustration don’t really do it justice.

After admitting to the hospital that physiotherapy and airway clearance have played no part in my life recently and haven’t done for at least a year, I receive a well deserved roasting. I hate crying.

22 February 2018

Today I am really struggling to get out of bed. Hubby left at 5.30 am. H has to be at nursery for 9.00am. I have to be in the office for my 10.00 am appointment. I have an hour’s worth of work that I didn’t manage to complete yesterday, which has to be done before I arrive at the office. The alarm started at 6.30am and it has been placed on snooze three times. It’s now 7.01 am.

I have been told in very strict terms that I need to reduce the work and follow a twice daily physio and exercise regime. So now I’m following the regime, strictly, but it’s not possible to just stop working without leaving a blazing trail; I’ve worked too hard for that. So I have reduced my hours so that I arrive at the office later and at least try to leave earlier every day. Today, the matter is urgent and 10.00 am is the latest I could get away with.

In the next three hours I need to fit in the following:

Waking, dressing and feeding H; feeding Honey (the chocolate Lab); my breakfast, drugs, nebulisers, physio and at least 20 minutes of exercise; showering, dressing, applying makeup and sorting my hair; one hour of work; delivering H to nursery; all, to arrive at the office, looking professional and sprightly.

On your marks, get set… Go!

[Honey, you  better  move out  of my  way]

Tea, toast, nebuliser, drugs. Wake H up. Receive a text message…my secretary is ill and isn’t able to come into work.

It turns out that H is ill too and is immediately upset as she becomes more alert.

H: “Please don’t make me go to nursery Mummy, I’m too poorly

H: “Mummy, I need a cold compress on my head

H: “Mummy it hurts when I cough

H: “Mummy, please turn off the light


26 February – 2 March 2018.

Thank goodness, a family holiday to Centre Parcs … and stop!

Grannie, Little Sis, my crazy Cousin and her amazing daughters take over as H’s ‘go to people’.

It snows and snows and snows and snows.

I am  the perfect patient.  I also avoid swimming and everything that might involve germs, which means H enjoys the swimming and Jacuzzi areas without my over cautious cries of “be careful sweetie” or “erm… can you save that until you are a little older?

Three days in I catch a cold. Give me strength!

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