1 February 2017 – “Ouch, cod, ouch cod…cod…cod…cod!!”

1 February 2017 – “Ouch, cod, ouch cod…cod…cod…cod!!”

Thank goodness it’s Grannie day. I woke up with joint pains today.

Things that hurt:

  1. walking;
  2. lifting;
  3. coughing;
  4. laughing;
  5. cuddling H;
  6. attempting to do anything constructive with my hair;
  7. applying eyeliner;
  8. stairs;
  9. holding my tea cup;
  10. pressing the unlock button on the car key;

I limp to the car. “Ouch, cod, ouch cod…cod…cod…cod!!”

I need help lifting my bags into the car.  Frustrating.

I am able to look normal during client appointments but as the day goes on the pain gets worse.   My fingers and thumb hurt from holding a pen. When my teeth start to hurt I ask SP to rearrange tomorrow’s clients for later in the week.

Fortunately, I can go straight home after I’ve completed the day’s ‘to do’ list. When I arrive home H is bathed, fed and snuggly. Hubby has taken BOB and LOB out for the evening, so Grannie offers to stay for the evening so that she can read bed time stories to H. Thank you, thank you thank you.

H gives me a good night kiss and pats me on the head. “Be happy, be healthy and get well soon” she sings.

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