15 June 2016 “Mummy, let’s go swimming” “Mummy, let’s dance…come on, dance with me” “Mummy, let’s climb” (onto the dining table and dance)

15 June 2016

H is still giddy from our holiday. She sings all the time.

H: “Where are we going

[clap, clap, clap Dora the Explorer style]

H: “to the nursery


H: “Where are we going

[clap, clap, clap]

H: “to the toilet


H: “Where are we going

[clap, clap, clap]

M: “to the supermarket

H “vámonos, sing along everybody let’s go…”

She has also become extremely confident.   “Mummy, let’s go swimming” “Mummy, let’s dance…come on, dance with me” “Mummy, let’s climb” (onto the dining table and dance whist Mummy carries lunch from the kitchen).

I’m recovering from the holiday super bug. However, my lung function has dropped dramatically again. I’ve been to the hospital and apparently the x-ray of my lungs showed a worrying shadow. The normal treatment would require me to start intravenous antibiotics but in all credit to them, the doctors on the CF Ward have listened to my panicked response,

Argh, I’ve just had a week away from the office and Sarah starts her maternity leave next month, I have too much to do argh!! Argh!

So I’ve been given oral antibiotics. They were given on the promise that I will not miss one tablet and that I will fit in some exercise. I also confirmed that I understood the importance of both nebulisers and would take them without fail. It was arranged that a member of the liaison team would visit me at home at regular intervals to check that my lung function is improving. Hurrah, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mission “Avoid IV’s” is under way. There is absolutely no way I will make it to America to see Barbra Streisand in concert. I’m hoping that she will extend the tour to London and that the money that would have been spent on the flights can be put towards buying really good tickets here. She has always done this in the past but we have previously been to a US date and then watched again in London.

In the interim, I have organised a family trip to London. Fifteen female members of my family will be travelling en masse in September to watch Sheridan Smith in Funny Girl at The Savoy and to enjoy a few (…erm) after show cocktails. I can sing along with Sheridan Smith in September, we’re at the back, so the fact that I can’t carry a note in a bucket won’t matter in the slightest. It’s all going to be great.

Last night we took cake and presents to Little Sis for her birthday. H knows “Happy Birthday” and insisted on practicing it (six times) in the car on the way there. For the two hours that we were there, H alternated between singing “Happy Birthday” and eating cake. We had another four rounds of “Happy Birthday” on the way home.

H didn’t want to go to bed. We had three stories, another rendition of “Happy Birthday” good night kisses to her, bunny and several other stuffed toys (Peppa, George, Daddy and Mummy Pig) before I was able to escape/ leave her to snuggle in peace. We had five minutes of quiet, then…

H: “Mummy, will you come back please?”

M: “I’ll be up later, sweetie, you go to bed

H: “Mummy, will you bring bunny please?”

M: “Bunny is in bed with you sweetie

H: “Can I have cake please

M: “You have had enough cake for today, anymore and you will have tummy ache and all your teeth will fall out

Fifteen minutes later…

H: “Mummy! Come quick, I need the toilet

M: “On my way sweetie, well done, Good girl

As I dash up the stairs I see her at the top, waiting by the stairgate. As I reach the top, she turns around, actually flicking her hair and starts to walk back into her bedroom… “I don’t need a wee wee Mummy, I just wanted to see how long you’d be

Is it wrong that I’m really proud of her sentence structure?

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