16 July 2016 to August 2016 – Ready to burst into song!

16 July – August 2016

The latest visit from the liaison nurse showed that my lung function has increased to 75%. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!! I’m determined to keep it up. It’s difficult at the moment because as we are now in summer holiday season, I’m juggling holidays (not mine) with an ever increasing work load and my meds and treatment, whilst trying not to reduce my time with H. On a positive note, I am now managing to move my day off around rather than give it up altogether and the school summer holidays only last for 6 weeks.    We have also been joined by ‘Amazing Carrie’, super lawyer, friend and baker of healthy cakes.

Several other things are happening which will also make life a little easier. Firstly, we’re getting a drive at the front of our house, which means that in the morning rush, H can wait in a warm, safe and cosy car whilst I switch on the house alarm. Secondly, continuing the cosy car theme, Costa Coffee plan to open a drive through outlet close to my house. This may sound extremely lazy but what it actually means to me is that on those occasions when H is tired/ ill or just in a bad mood, we can go for a drive, which calms her down and more often than not sends her to sleep. When she does fall asleep I can enjoy the delights of Costa Coffee in peace without even turning the engine off and let her sleep for an hour. H will wake up happy, I will have enjoyed the treat, so I’ll be happy and Hubby will come home to a pleasant environment so he’ll be happy too. I’m so pleased, I’m ready to burst into song!! I can’t wait for it to open.

I have decided I’m having a holiday in November, a stress free, no flight required, break.


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