17 April 2017 – 24 April 2017 – “Young and Carefree”

21 April 2017

Apparently, I’m looking “bedraggled”. So to the approval of Little Sis, I decided to do something about it and booked an evening of pampering and make up.  Little Sis decided to come too and took charge of the arrangements.  Tonight is the night and as planned, I drive to her house and meet her there so that we can car share.  She comes to the door holding two face packs.

Little Sis: “I bought these; we can wear them in the car on the way there

M: “You’re kidding?

LS: “Absolutely not, come on, use this first

She throws a ‘two in one’ cleaning and toning face wipe at me.  After an approved amount of ‘wiping’ I apply the thick black shiny face mask and she does the same.

LS: “Come on, let’s go, we can peel it off when we get there

M: ”We will look weird

LS: “Other drivers will be concentrating on the road.  There will be nobody looking.  Come on

M: “Fine

I’m the nominated driver.  I’m not one hundred percent sure of the way, so I blindly follow Little Sis’ instructions.  We’re almost half way there when we run out of petrol.

M: “Oh, for fuck’s sake

[H is a long way from earshot]

LS: “What?

M: “We’ve run out of petrol

LS: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.  There’s a station a few miles from here.  You can get some there

We flip a coin.  I lose.  I run.

Attendant:  “Bloody hell, what have you come as?”

H: “Young and carefree

Attendant: “How’s that working out for you?

M: “Marvellously

I run. As my feet pound the floor (I have never been a graceful runner) the skin on my face pulls against the mask, which has become hard and rubbery.

Little Sis is laughing when I get back to the car.  Her laughter is deeper than usual because she can’t move her cheeks or open her mouth.  I do the same.

M: “Don’t make me laugh, it hurts my cheeks

LS: “I know

We arrive without further need to leave the car.  The mask now looks like shiny black patent leather so we decide to remove it before we get out.


M: ”Oh my God!

After fifteen minutes of delicate peeling we both have very red but very clean and soft skin.

M: “Do I look younger?

LS: “Ten years

M: “Fabulous, Let’s go

The makeup is amazing.  Technically I know it’s not great to pile on  the make up immediately after putting  your face through trauma (Erm, I mean an intense and refreshing purification), but it felt great  to do something girlie and  to see a sparkly version of me in  the mirror.  Little Sis always sparkles.

LS: “Let’s take photographs”.

So we did.

I arrived home to a tidy house and smiley Hubby.

Hubby: “Great look

M: “Why, thank you

[Enjoying a hug]

Monday, 24 April 2017

The eyelashes stayed put all weekend.  Skinny jeans and eyelashes, get me!

This morning I manage to get up early, pain free and with a minimal cough.  H is an angel and I have time to actually sort my hair and apply make-up, get H to nursery on time and stop at the coffee shop opposite the office for a drink on my way in.

As I leave the coffee shop, hazelnut latte in hand, I pass Mr X.

Mr X: “Morning

M: “Morning

I arrive in the office to an email from the Employment Tribunal.  It’s a Reserved Judgment in favour of my client.

At lunch time I receive a text message from Hubby.  He’s likely to finish early. Hurrah, dinner together this evening.

Today rocks.

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