19 June 2018 – Midnight

Midnight – 19 June 2018 (Originally  posted on Twitter).

Today, was an emotional day. If I had time I would feel drained but at lunch time tomorrow the whole family will fly to Florida for the holiday of all holidays, which means leaving the house at 7.00am, fully packed and ready to go.

It feels like we have been planning it for years. H is so excited that for days her little pink face has constantly looked ready to burst into song.

We have booked lunch after lunch with Disney characters and to H’s delight her big brothers want to join in too.

The timing is the worst and the best it could have been. It’s given me yet another thing that I didn’t need to have to think about this week but having said that, two weeks of Disney is exactly what I need. I am open to a hug from any Disney character offering their arms. I’m going to sing, twirl and skip along with H to the music, lose myself in the fireworks and soak up the sunshine.

The hotel has a gym too, so the gym kits (I now own more than one) are packed.

This will be the first two week holiday I have spent with H, or anyone, since she was born.

Hopefully, I’ll return home on a cloud of fairy dust, with rosy cheeks, singing about love and hope and Disney magic.

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