22 – 25 December 2016 – Pass the Sherry

22 December 2016 – Merry Christmas

Today is the last day in the office before we close for Christmas. We have Christmas music on loud and enjoy festive, fattening drinks from the new drive through Costa Coffee.  I manage to sneak in two Barbra Streisand songs but otherwise FP is in charge of the music.

We leave the office without any outstanding work. I have a list of matters that need addressing in the first week back on my desk with coordinating documents. It’s a great feeling having finished everything for December but also having work to return to. The big fear that comes with having your own business but that the work will suddenly dry up. Thankfully we have never experienced that.

Hubby and I lock the office, say our goodbyes to FP and SL and skip to the car. I seem to be able to do that these days.

H is incredibly excited when we collect her.

H: “Mummy and Daddy, I missed you so much

I feel like I’m in an old Christmas movie and 1950’s movie stars are about to jump out of the toy boxes and burst into song.

The house feels festive and Hubby and I share mulled wine after H has gone to bed.

I go to sleep enjoying the fact that we can all wake up naturally tomorrow and have a lazy breakfast.

23 December 2016 – Juicy Goodness.

I forgot to turn the alarm off. Cod. I quickly turn it off and hope that it didn’t wake H.

H: “Muuuuuuuuumy, is it morning time yet? Has Santa been? Can we go downstairs? Can I have hot milk?


H: “Mummy, where are you?


H: “Muuuuuuuuumy, please can I have hot milk?


H: “Mummy?

H: “Daddy?

M: “One minute please, let me wake up

H: “Oh, there you are Mummy. I was worried about you

Feeling guilty I scoop her up for a morning cuddle.

H: “Mummy, its morning time, let’s go

We are greeted at the bottom of the stairs by an over enthusiastic Honey, jumping into the air and wagging her tail. She’s either desperate to go out or she’s hungry. I open the door and offer her a chew and both chew and dog disappear in a split second.

H sings and dances to the Micky Mouse Club House theme tune. Have I ever been that energetic so early in the morning?

The plan:

  1. Enjoy a Leisurely breakfast with Hubby and H. This involves waking Hubby up. I’ll put the bacon on;
  2. Collect meds from chemist (several carrier bags are expected)
  3. Collect Christmas food from M&S;
  4. Squeeze in a cheeky shop for a Christmas day outfit (and chai tea latte)
  5. Take Honey to my parents’ house (Christmas time sleep over with Little Sister’s pooch)
  6. Drink vodka, wrap the last few presents, watch Love Actually and Nigella (nobody does Christmas like Nigella)
  7. Cuddle H at intervals throughout the day.

All comfortably achieved. All medications taken and all blood readings checked. Hubby and I enjoy a Christmas drink together whilst we wrap presents and watch Nigella preparing “sticky ribs” and enthusing about “juicy goodness”.

I check my work emails before going to bed and remarkably I don’t have any. Hurrah, client expectations suitably managed.

24 December 2016 – Christmas Eve Strop

Plan of the day:

  1. Enjoy a Leisurely breakfast with Hubby and H;
  2. Send Hubby to the supermarket to buy last minute forgotten items;
  3. Rearrange the house so that we are able to seat and feed 15 guests comfortably;
  4. Play Christmas songs really loud (Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra)
  5. Chill out in front of the TV and watch Miracle on 34th Street and Nigella.

I manage all of that and throw in a meltdown, a spat with the Hubby and a call to Grannie to help with the furniture moving.

H: “Muuuuuuuuumy, I need you

M: ”I’m just moving tables sweetie, one minute

H: ” Muuuuuuuuumy, I need you now

M: “OK, here I am, [leaving chairs scattered across the house, I try to pick her up] what’s wrong?

H: “Nothing. I don’t want you

M: “Do you need a cuddle?

H: “No, I don’t want anything

M: “Come here, sweetie

H: “No, go over there

H: “Go away Mummy

[I walk away]

H: “Mummy…I need you


I manage to feel her head and she feels like she has a temperature. Great. She doesn’t want Calpol or bunny or anything to eat or drink. She wants to whine. It’s at this point that I call for help:

M: “Why the fuck am I having 15 people for dinner? We are going to have to sit on the floor. I can’t get a minute to myself. Argh…I… need…some…help

H is still whining when Grannie arrives. I’m still grumpy.

H accepts a cuddle from Grannie, she also accepts the Calpol and bunny. I take her for a drive in the cosy car and within minutes she is asleep. In my absence Grannie has ironed the table cloths and rearranged the tables. After putting H to bed for an afternoon nap I am handed a sherry. We make the house look lovely. I have another sherry. After one more sherry I smile at Hubby.

I must look after my Mum when she gets really old. Hopefully I will still be here. I must make lots of money so that I can either own a house large enough to accommodate her or pay for accommodation that she will enjoy. I imagine and indoor pool and a whisky bar…

I’m managing the finger pricks, just. I’m really not very good with blood. I never have been. I had to take blood readings during my pregnancy and it took a bit of practice to do it without fainting.

I’m noticing a pattern in the blood readings. I’m starting to realise that the constant supply of tea and honey and lack of real food has caused my blood sugar reading to go a little crazy.  I love tea and honey. I’m going to have to stop drinking it. Everything has a consequence. I once read an article that said dairy can increase mucus in the body so I reduced it for several months and then my vitamin d levels hit the floor.  I’ll keep up with the finger pricks and discuss it with the CF Team in the New Year. For now, let’s see if I can get the same effect from sipping hot water all day. If nothing else I’m hoping it will make me look younger. I’m also hoping the break from finger pricks will make me a bit nicer too.

25 December – Christmas Day (7.00am)

H: “Mummy, Oh Mummy. Has Santa been? Can we go down stairs? Can I have hot milk?

M: “Yes, Merry Christmas! Let’s go!

H: “Come on Daddy

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