21 – 22 September 2016 – I Challenge You to Give Me Sparkle!

21 September 2016

It’s Grannie Day but Grannie is late. Argh! I hadn’t factored that into my morning preparations. I have a 9.00am meeting with a client at their premises.   Hubby left before we were even awake. H doesn’t want me to get ready, she wants to cuddle. I managed to put my finger through my tights and it was my last pair. Why, in 2016 is it not possible to create a pair of ladder resistant tights?!

I surround H with cuddly toys, give her hot milk and put Pajanimals on TV, so that she can sing along (as close to the comfort of a cuddle as I can create). This gives me a few minutes to call the client and postpone the meeting until 9.30am. I send a slightly longer than necessary and slightly embarrassed text message to Super Lucy:

Morning Super Lucy, I appreciate that when we coaxed you back from early retirement to work for us we didn’t include personal shopper in your job description. However, needs must today. Could you please grab me new tights on your way into the office and then meet me in the office car park at 9.10am? We can swap tights for the folders and dictations that I worked on last night. I’ll make you tea when I get back

SL: “OK x”


Evening fun

I spent the evening with Little Sis and her friend who happens to own a makeup studio.  A makeup masterclass (I challenge you to give me sparkle). It was fun being pampered even though the grumpy mood hadn’t entirely disappeared.

Little Sis is known to rolls her eyes at me every once in a while. However, I do know that really, despite the “you’re weird” and the “you do my head in” comments, she actually gets me (even the Barbra stuff). “You need to be more spontaneous” she said tonight. “Live life

When I arrived home I joined Hubby with a glass of fizz and insisted he opened his birthday presents early. I had my phone in my hand, looking through photographs of my friends, when I saw a notification about new concert dates in Florida. A date in Houston was then added.

M: “Oh my God! ” “Look” [thrusting my phone at Hubby]

I had been given another chance to find crazy me again. I genuinely, very nearly cried. Seeing my reaction he said “Let’s just go“. I nearly cried again.

22 September 2016

I am going to Houston, Texas!

One minute Hubby and I were celebrating his birthday at the tea rooms close to the office and the next I was purchasing my concert ticket in the pre-sale.  I’m going to see Barbra Streisand and I’m sitting on the front row… centre stage. I am so excited I am literally breathless.

I had attempted to get tickets for a concert in Florida, I have at least been there before but wasn’t able to process the orders in time before being ‘timed out’.   Not frustrating at all!!!

I changed tack and tried purchasing directly from the Toyota Stadium in Houston and bingo. I’ve never been to Texas, it will be an adventure.

The slight glitch with my crazy purchase is that I only managed to secure one front row ticket. Hubby doesn’t even have one yet and now the pre-sale tickets have sold out…

He watched the whole purchasing escapade and kept very quiet.   This may be for one of several potential reasons:

  1. He was actually watching sport on his lap top and had secret hidden headphones (known to happen from time to time)
  2. He was actively searching information on the fixtures for the Houston Rockets and Miami Heat;
  3. I may have become a little transfixed in the process of setting up accounts, user names, searching for tickets, entering contact details and credit card information against the ticking clock.   I may have become a little enthusiastic/ animated/ shrill for a few minutes (2 hours) I may have used a few choice words in frustration (and my eyes may have become a little blood shot…).

I’m hoping to get him a normal ticket in the general sale.  He is happy with that. He’s a keeper!

I have no idea how I am going to leave my daughter for the three or four days it will take to fly there, watch the concert and fly back. I hate leaving her anyway but I have never been that far away before and for that long. I also have no idea how I am going to manage two long flights so close in proximity.  I honestly don’t know whether I will have the stamina.  I just have to try.

Of course, having just maxed out my credit card on a single ticket, dictating the destination of the most expensive mini break in the history of our marriage, in the process, now is not the time to voice that.

My reaction to having missed out on the summer concerts surprised me. I was genuinely upset at having missed an opportunity to experience something that has meant so much to me throughout my life.   I kept asking myself where the ‘try everything’, ‘grab the opportunities whilst you can’ attitude had disappeared to? I felt a little disappointed in myself.  Now I have a front row ticket. Ha!

I do have to deal with the fact that I have to leave H with Mum for a few days and Mum isn’t entirely thrilled with the idea.  She knows as well as I do that it will be quite an undertaking for me to do this without requiring medical attention afterwards. Further, whilst she loves H to pieces, I know the idea of being in charge for the entire time without a break whilst Hubby and I are thousands of miles away will be tiring for her. I’ll enlist Little Sister’s help. She’ll be proud of me.

I can do this, I can do this, I can do this. Eek! Thank goodness for Barbra Streisand.


(Who needs a second car anyway?)

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