31 October 2016 – 24 November 2016 – Am I Actually In a Very Deep Sleep?

31 October 2016  – Halloween fun

It’s Halloween and H is actually at nursery to enjoy the celebrations this year, for the first time.

We have been discussing ghosts and witches for a week. We have watched every Halloween special on CBeebies, Disney Junior and Nick Jr.

Hubby and H spent several hours yesterday making a pumpkin lantern and we have a fancy dress outfit, complete with homemade witches hat.   We are winning at Halloween this year.


We are up early, we have plenty of time to perfect the cute little witch look.

H: “Mummy, I’m not a witch, I don’t want to wear that

M: “It’s Halloween. Don’t you want to dress up?”

H: “No, not today thank you. Maybe another day

M:”It’s fun to dress up on Halloween

H: “It’s not for me Mummy

M: “Not even the hat?”

H: “Not today

H went to nursery wearing jeans with a fluffy mustard coloured cardigan. Autumn colours at least. If I could have pulled off cute witch, I would have worn the hat to work myself.

8 November 2016

H is poorly. Noooooooooooo!   I really don’t want to be ill 17 days before we fly to Houston.

The vomit started in the bath, which is as good a place as any; top marks from a hygiene point of view H! However, it didn’t stop there. She continued to vomit throughout the night in her bed, our bed, the upstairs hall and we eventually finished off back in the bathroom. In the early hours of the morning.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

I have sick in my hair and I don’t have any clean pyjamas left. I have been up literally all night with a poorly H, watching the US election unfold as I mopped up vomit. I cannot believe the outcome. At 5.45am am it started to snow. It’s all very surreal. I feel like I’m in a dream. Am I actually in a very deep sleep?

Luckily it is Granny day. When Grannie arrives Hubby has already left for work. She takes over nursing duties so that I can shower away all traces of vomit. I manage to sleep for an hour on a bare mattress but I have to be at the office for 11.00am. When I make my way back downstairs, H is asleep. She looks content and she has colour back in her cheeks. I don’t feel as bad leaving her now.

The news on the US election isn’t improving and I still feel like I am floating.

I have a telephone hearing at 12.00. At least the other parties won’t see my pale, bare face and dark, baggy eyes.

Amazing Carrie has brought healthy home baked goodies into the office and has cleared her morning work load. Super Lucy makes tea. The afternoon goes well.

Friday, 11 November 2016

H is fully recovered and to my amazement, I managed to avoid the sickness bug. I made it to Mummy day all in one piece.   We spend the entire day in (spotlessly clean) pyjamas, playing with Play–Doh and Shopkins.

M: “Oops, sorry sweetie” (having just dropped the Play-Doh strawberry she had just made)

H: “Oh Mummy, you let me down

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Thirteen days to go. It’s the weekend, we are all well, the house is clean and tidy – Yey! Let’s get excited.

H and I dance around the room.   She’s enjoying the dancing lessons and shows me a few moves. I try to copy. She giggles “Silly Mummy

I have another go and sing along. When she tells me to stop I tickle her.

H: “That’s it now Mummy, you’ve gone too far

For that I make her watch “Hello Dolly” with me in the afternoon. She fell asleep after 30 minutes.

Sunday 13 November 2016

Last night I had a dream that our plane crashed. We therefore took a family trip into town today at my insistence and whilst Hubby and H enjoyed lunch I spent an hour in Boots during which I downloaded every photo from my phone and turned them into a photo memory book for H. I know that the chance of me not returning from Houston is miniscule. It doesn’t stop me having the scary dreams and the occasional panic that I am leaving H and I won’t be able to come home. I know this is irrational. I know not to let those irrational thoughts dictate my decisions, but as a bossy boots, I can’t ignore them altogether. I need to do something and this makes me feel better.

Monday 14 November – Thursday 24 November 2016

I have cleared my desk and my ‘to do’ list. I have dictated the work that needs to be completed in the next two weeks for every file. I have worked solidly for the last two weeks.   I will only have two days away from the office but in my head this gives Sarah two weeks to arrange a good locum if anything happens to me on the flight. If I can’t control what happens on the flight I can control what happens after.

I managed to squeeze in face waxing torture after work. I can’t look back at my selfie with Barbra Streisand only to see a caterpillar crawling across my upper lip!

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