2 February to 24 February 2017 – Should I just put the heels on and hope for the best?

2 February to 24 February 2017 – Should I just put the heels on and hope for the best? 

I have a limp and it’s slowing me down.  The morning rush is more of a hobble this morning.

Flats or heels?  Neither make it easier to walk.  Should I just put the heels on and hope for the best?   The flat shoes don’t really go with the outfit.

H tootles into the bedroom.   “Mummy, lift me” she coos, arms in the air ready.  “I’m sorry, sweetie, I can’t” I respond and kiss her on the top of her head instead.

Perhaps the flats would be sensible?  I go with flats but make time to put on lots of lipstick.  I have put off all clients until Monday so, technically I could go into the office in jeans.  I’m just not wired that way.

H does a great job of climbing into the car and into the seat herself.  Perhaps this should be the way forward anyway.

It takes an age to walk H into nursery.  “Mummy has a limple” she tells the staff.

The day is productive.  If I just sit at my desk, I can work without moving much, to minimise the pain.  By 2.00pm the lipstick has disappeared and the dark circles under my eyes are back.  My hair has fallen out of the knot, which took considerable effort this morning, (with the appropriate number of “Ouch, cod, ouch cod ouch, ouch ouch’s”) so I just leave it dangling around my face.   Super Lucy pops her head around my door.

SL: “Can you face a new client?  He called in on the off chance that you could fit him in

M: “Can we take his details and arrange for an appointment Monday?” [Hoping the steroids will have kicked in by then].

SL: “He needs an appointment today” [Giving me an interesting smile]

M: “OK, Can you sit him in the meeting room and get him a coffee, please?”

After applying lipstick, industrial strength under eye concealer (thank you Urban Decay) and running my hands through my hair I haul myself from my chair.  Once I’m up I’m fine but getting there takes a while.  I limp into the meeting room in my flats… and I am met by the most attractive person I have ever seen.

M: “Erm…Lucy, can I get a coffee too please?”

Sarah brings the coffee in and smiles at me.

[Now, I am happily married, I don’t have the inclination (or the energy) to change that.  However, it would have been nice if this appointment had happened on a day when I was a little more radiant.]

As I walked Mr X out of the meeting room, SL smiled at me again.

3 February – Mummy Day

Hubby brings me tea and toast in bed before he leaves for the office.  I manage to eat it before H wakes up.

Mummy, Oh Muuuuummy, where are you; is it breakfast  tiiiiiiiiiiiime?”

…and we’re off.

The steroids start having an effect by 2.00pm (typical).  By 5.00pm the limp has gone and by bed time I am able to pick H up again.

Tomorrow is Saturday.   Let’s go paintballing!

24 February – Funny Girl

6.00 am everybody up!  We have a lot to do today.  Everybody fed, clothed, cuddled and in the car for 7.00am.  Hubby makes the early train and H and I have time for a sing along in the car before nursery.  I’m at the office for 8.00am.  Yey, its theatre day and we’re going to see Funny Girl at the Palace Theatre Manchester starring Sheridan Smith. It’s a touring version of the show I saw in London last year with the girls.

I plough through the work in the office.  I’m getting really good at clearing the decks for special occasions.  Grannie and Little Sis have a night of entertainment planned for H, meaning Hubby and I can make it to Manchester in time for pre-show drinks.  Home, changed, meds and nebuliser on the way.

I managed to reserve seats in advance at the private bar, meaning we were guaranteed seats, drinks and waitress service before the show and during the interval.  It is definitely an advantage not to have to stand forever at the bar, in the draught, waiting to be served, whilst being coughed on by every punter with February flu.

We take our seats on the third row on top of the Orchestra, sucking sweets and a bottle of water in hand (nebuliser in my bag).  I love the Theatre. I know I have seen this production before but it doesn’t take away any of the excitement.  The lights go down.  Giddy, giddy, giddy.

The Orchestra launches into the overture “Da, da, dah da, Da da dah da”   Hubby looks at me and laughs “I have heard this before”    “Yep”, I respond, “Isn’t it great?”  Hubby rolls his eyes;   “It’s a good job I love you”.    I blow him a kiss “I’m glad you do… now shush!”

The cast are amazing.  The singing gives me tingles.  Happy days are here again.

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