20 June 2018 – Love and Hope and Disney Magic

20 June 2018 – Love and Hope and Disney Magic

Up before the birds again today, but this time it is the whole family and we are giddy. H gets dressed herself without prompting, with “Are we going to Disney?”, “Are we really going to Disney, Mummy?”, “Are we going to Disney today?”, “Are we going now?” asked with ten minute intervals.

Hubby is organised and is in charge of all the really important things (phone chargers, headphones, plug adaptor, laptop, iPad) and he’s looking forward to the obligatory McDonalds breakfast on the way to the airport.

The boys sort themselves out and in no time we are all by the door, all bags ready to be loaded into the car and all faces surprisingly sprightly and ready to go.

We make the airport without any unexpected drama and we have time for several coffees and trips around every shop selling anything remotely resembling a toy. H has holiday money from Grannie and Grandad and she is on a mission to spend it.

I am stopped at baggage security again; it happens every time, without fail. Apparently, this time inhalers are considered to be a potentially dangerous liquid, and must be put in a sealable plastic bag (despite mine containing powder).

H sleeps for the first 2 hours of the 8 hour flight. When she wakes, she is interested in the plane.

H: “Mummy, what does that do?”

H: “Mummy, what is that part called?”

H: “Mummy, how does that work?

M: “Daddy?

I pull down her table and fill it with the pens and coloring books she bought at the airport, which provides me with an hour of quiet. The head phones (well done Hubby) and the My Little Pony movie offer me another two.

I manage to watch “Finding Your Feet”. The first film I have been able to watch for months. I am sobbing by the time our meal is served. Trying to discretely wipe away my tears, I take the tray from the hostess, not realising the mascara was leaving streaky black smudges across my face. She smiles at me and Hubby laughs.

BOB and LOB have their own row (that’s line of seats, not a disagreement) and appear happy with the entertainment offerings. All in all the flight is a pleasant experience. Who would have thought?

As the plane lands, H eats chocolate and holds my hand. I still find flights a little daunting but now I challenge myself to look out of the window, particularly on the descent so that I have to think about how high up we are and rationalize what is happening, thinking about the mechanics of the plane.

Before we leave the plane I have time to swap slippers for heels and apply lipstick.

Our hotel is amazing. The interior and the surroundings are beautiful, lush and spotless. The staff are charming and every time they address H as “Princess” she beams and I want to hug them. In the grounds we have a waterfall and a stream, which runs out to the lake. We can access The Magic Kingdom by boat over the same lake. The gym is very sparkly and there is plenty of scope for early morning walks in the sunshine.

There is an unlimited supply of tea, coffee and hot chocolate. We have been told that on an evening we are able to toast marshmallows by the camp fire. By the time we reach our room, H is ready to burst.

H: “Can we go and meet Mickey Mummy… and Minnie?… and Belle?… and Donald? …and Goofy ?

M: ”Yep!

The boat ride is perfect. We all approve, definitely the way forward.

As we enter the gates of The Magic Kingdom, Daisy and Donald are stood signing autograph books and music is playing loud. There are beaming children everywhere.

As we walk down Main Street, a tram car passes us and stops. Eight dancers jump off and start singing and dancing to “That’s How You Know” from Enchanted. The girls in ruffled dresses are thrown into the air and spun around. When they stop and the tram car drives away I turn around and realise we had been stood outside Starbucks.

We emerge from Starbucks, favorite drinks in hand and the speakers start playing a brass band version of “Before the Parade Passes By” and somewhere in the park, the band is marching.   Oh my Goodness, am I dreaming?

H: “Mummy, do you like The Magic Kingdom?

M: “Sweetie, I love it!

H: “Me too, can we find Mickey?

M: “Absolutely

We skip up Main Street, leaving the boys behind slightly, towards the Castle and find Mickey and his entire crew centre stage. I stand with H, Hubby, BOB and LOB in front of the castle and we watch the “Friendship Show”

It’s dark when we arrive back to the hotel. We were all too tired to wait around for the fireworks. H snuggles into bed and I sit on the balcony with Hubby. The boys have a separate but adjoining room and they disappear. It’s hot but I enjoy a hot chocolate in my pajamas and Hubby enjoys a cold beer.

As the sky lights up I remember we have a room with a forest view, which means we have a perfect view of the firework display. The speakers around the hotel complex come alive with the music from The Magic Kingdom.

Thank you Disney.

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