8 April – 16 April 2017 – A Silver Lining

16 April 2017 – A Silver Lining

Well, I can now fit into my entire wardrobe. Bad news for House of Fraser, Zara and John Lewis but a big fat, money saving silver lining around the 11 crappy days of constant sickness for me. Maleficent may have taken up permanent residence for the term of my meds but she has left me with cheekbones (not quite to Angelina Jolie’s standards but there nonetheless).

My cannula gave up this morning but as I have responded well to the meds and I have no sign of infection anymore, I get a free pass for the remaining 3 days. Within minutes of my phone call with the CF Ward, it has gone.

Hurrah! By 2.00pm H is at Grannie’s house, Hubby is at the supermarket on a mission to fill the cupboards with tasty, healthy foods and I have my entire Barbra Streisand catalogue on a huge loop, playing full blast as I clean my house to within an inch of its life.

Hubby returns as I start to run a hot bubble bath. I move the speakers into the bathroom and play “Don’t Rain on My Parade” even louder. Hubby brings me a cup of tea into the bath “Do you think you can manage a cup of tea now?” he says with a smile.

M: “Ahhh, thank you. I will certainly try

[Hubby looks relieved and leaves me to it.  Ahhh, tea, I have missed you.]

There is nothing quite like the feeling of a hot bath at the end of a course of IV meds to wash it all away.

Hubby and I go together to collect H. I am wearing jeans and makeup. I have left my fluffy white dressing gown spinning in a 90 degree wash.

We arrive at my parents’ house as H is covering Grannie’s carpet with Play Doh [I can’t help being pleased that it’s not my carpet] I pick H up and swing her around.

H: “Mummy, your hand is better

M: “Hurrah!

H: “Hurrah!

We all stay for dinner. It’s back to work tomorrow. I am going to pace myself. This time I mean it.

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