I am a thirty something Mum and a lawyer, currently taking a rest.  My daughter was  just two when I started writing my diary.  I have always been extremely lucky to  have  her and a life that  I enjoy but life has been a little chaotic.  My  diary provides an account  of the  most  chaotic moments.

I let off steam by singing at the top of my voice to Barbra Streisand songs, at every opportunity.  My husband deserves a medal (but we don’t tell him that).

I decided to make a record of the things in my life that are challenging. Partly out of frustration because no one apart from me sees what a day involves and partly for entertainment because often my days appear funny when I’m telling friends. Mainly, I think I want to know whether I’m doing it right.

This is my diary, feel free to read, comment or share. If you have any questions, or you just want to say “Hi”, then get in touch:

Email:  [email protected]

Thank you  for reading.


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