January 2016

January 2016

Yesterday, I decided to make a record of the things in my life that are challenging. Partly out of frustration because no one apart from me sees what a day involves and partly for entertainment because often my days appear funny when I’m telling friends. Mainly, I think I want to know whether I’m doing it right.

I made the decision last night (the third night of potty training), whilst chasing a piece of poo as it rolled under the settee in my living room, having spent the day in the office drafting witness statements without lunch. My head was full of the details of someone else’s fight. Hubby was working late and I hadn’t managed to eat anything other than toast and jam. I longed for a candle lit bath but we are potty training H, so instead my best efforts were put into locating the offending poo, disinfecting the room and covering myself in antibacterial.

Luckily after the event I am able to see the funny side of most things. I laughed when I later relayed the story to my husband. The laughter turned into coughing and then pain as I pulled a muscle in my stomach.


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