January 2017 – Did I mention it’s cold?

January 2017

Well, here we are again. January is cold and dark and hard work. Hubby is back to doing early mornings and H and I are back to the morning slog.  It’s so much harder immediately after Christmas.  My body has started to rely on the ease of relaxing mornings in a bath robe, grazing lunches and afternoons cuddled up in the living room.  My mind has started to unwind and I have enjoyed a break from the constant whirling in my head.  The Christmas tree is now back in the box in the garage. The House is sparkle free.  It’s so cold.  If only I could double blink and transport us all back to Christmas Eve by the fire.

I understand why I started a diary this time last year. It’s lonely on the treadmill.  This year’s January mornings are just as tough but this year is different.  I have things to look forward to and a year of amazing memories to make me smile.

The massively awkward moment requiring me to say the word “panties” during my visit to Victoria’s Secret in Houston. Arm in arm with Hubby, being met with a blank look after asking for the “matching pants” and then a slightly startled look when I used the word “knickers,” being one.  The exploding champagne cork on Christmas day, crashing into the ceiling and both my Brother in Law’s and his Dad’s heads on its way down, being another.

This year I am going to plan something exciting every month. These events are unlikely to involve flying to the US to watch a Barbra Streisand concert (although, should a tour be announced I will obviously revise that statement). They don’t have to cost a fortune, they just need to be different.  I have my eye on afternoon tea at The Royal Albert Hall; H would enjoy the cake.   I’d like to down a pint in the secret Beefeater Pub and have a picnic in a walled garden.  I would like to attend a Standard Issue event.  We’ll see how it goes.

I am definitely going to book a family holiday in the sun, requiring a flight. Did I mention it’s cold?

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