Monday 11 January 2016 – Christmas is well and truly over and the bleak January come down has taken hold.

Monday 11 January 2016 – Christmas is well and truly over and the bleak January come down has taken hold. We are attempting potty training.

I get up fairly early and creep into the bathroom. H hears me. “Mummy, get me out“. I turn the shower on and hope I can squeeze another five minutes. These days five minutes is long enough to shower, dry myself and clean my teeth.

Muuuuuuuumy” “Muuuuuuuuuumy” “Want a cuddle Mummy, where are you?

I shower with H sat on a blanket on the bathroom floor, singing “Old Macdonald”.

I make breakfast for two and we eat it together. Tea and toast for two. H has a tea cup but it’s warm milk not tea. “Cheers Mummy” she chuckles and she raises her cup.

M: “Cheers Sweetie

H: “What’s that Mummy?“.

M: “Tablets sweetie“.

H: “I want tablets

M: “No you don’t, you have a lovely breakfast” (toasted cheese bread from M & S with oodles of butter).

H: “I don’t want toast, I want tablets

Honey (soppy, food obsessed chocolate Labrador) gets the toast.

M: “Do you need a wee Sweetie?” (I repeat in intervals of 5 minutes throughout the morning)

H: “Nope“; “no Mummy“; “Not wee” (H responds in five minute intervals).

We’re all ready to leave, stood by the door. We have shoes, coats and hats on and I have my handbag, my briefcase and H’s nursery bag loaded onto my shoulders when H declares “Wee wee Mummy!” We make the potty in time.

Twenty minutes later I attempt to put H in car seat on top of puppy control pad in case of  accidents. We have a discussion.

H: “Not sitting on blanket Mummy

M: “It’s there to make you more comfortable sweetie

H: “No, no, no, no

M: “Come on, it’s all cosy in the car, you will like it


M: “We can sing a song on the way to Nursery

H: “NO!

M: “If you sit in the car you can have Mummy’s phone to play with

H: “OK

I no sooner turn the engine when H launches the iphone at me. “Not working Mummy”. Her Youtube viewing has been interrupted by a helpful text message from my Hubby “Don’t forget your client at 11.00am“…

I am able to leave H at nursery relatively easily. Her favourite carer Robyn is there to take her into her arms and talk about tea parties and Shopkins.

I remembered my 11:00 am appointment and end the meeting with a happy client. I manage the three letters of advice, the application to postpone a hearing and the contract of employment but unfortunately I don’t manage lunch.   I make a mental note to improve my diet. Some days it’s easy to eat. Some days I have to force myself. My medication often makes me feel sick and sometimes I don’t have enough digestive enzymes with me. People with CF need digestive enzymes to digest food.   Some days I just don’t get time.

Potty training again this evening. I have fought the urge to ask my secretary (Fabulous Penny “FP”) if she needs a wee all day.

After collecting H from nursery, we succeeded with the car seat blanket/ puppy training pad on the way home. The car seat remains as dry as a bone. I could do with one to cover my living room.

After dinner (a healthy, balanced meal) I collect a box of files from my car in my dressing gown and slippers, waving at the neighbor’s CCTV camera so that he was laughing with me, not at me.   I managed not to fall.

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