Monday 18 January 2016 – (cough, cough, cough), “don’t wake the baby” (cough, cough, cough)

Monday 18 January 2016

I woke up this morning to the delightful cries of “Mummy?… Muuuuuuuuuumy”. Where’s Mummy’s iPad?

Monday mornings are never easy in winter. The house is colder and the alarm is louder.

Today is also a bad day for coughing. I generally cough all the time. Everything triggers a cough. I cough if I laugh or if I’ve eaten too much, if I’m too hot or too cold, if I climb stairs, run or attempt any exercise (pre H days).

The up side is that I constantly work my abs. I don’t bother with the gym any more, which means I can spend the membership fee in Starbucks instead. I don’t factor in the prescription charges. I just enjoy my chai tea lattes.

Coughing through the night is exhausting and frustrating; “need to sleep”, (cough, cough, cough), “meeting in the morning” (cough, cough, cough), “don’t wake Hubby”, (cough, cough, cough), “don’t wake the baby” (cough, cough, cough) – “fuck it, I’m getting up and I’m going to eat ice cream

Ice cream helps, as does hot tea with honey but never together.

In winter I permanently carry around a mug of hot tea with honey. Coughing through the day is annoying for different reasons. It’s hard to imagine a profession where coughing wouldn’t be a problem, however, law wouldn’t have been the obvious choice, had I given any thought at all to it. Coughing isn’t something that I even considered when deciding whether to go to University to read law. Ally McBeal didn’t have a cough. I carried on regardless after graduating with an LLB and even coughed my way through the Legal Practice Course without giving a thought to the fact that, as a solicitor, I would be required to be quiet for a large proportion of the day.

I should probably have paid more attention to the “shush” comments from fellow students in lectures and eye rolling from lecturers required to make their point again for the students sitting behind the girl on the middle row (me). I was even asked to leave the House of Lords observation balcony because my cough was causing a distraction. It was only when, as a trainee solicitor, I was asked by the Judge if I needed a glass of water twice in five minutes; and a client didn’t want to shake my hand for fear of “catching my cold” that it dawned on me.

Last night was a coughing night. I opted for tea and honey and an episode of Nashville. This morning H shushed me because I was coughing over the Twirlywoos.

I spent 80% of the weekend cleaning, washing and tidying. The house looks lovely but I won’t enjoy it until Friday and by then it will need a considerable amount of attention. Cleaning makes me cough.

The day improved as did the cough, largely helped by the ginormous cup of hot tea accompanied by a Topic (the best chocolate bar) both plonked onto my desk at 10.30am by FP. She gave me a ‘pull yourself together’ look. It worked.

I worked hard until 5.15pm when I looked at the clock. Quickly gathering my things (five Starbucks take out cups, spare car makeup bag and handbag) I realised with horror that I didn’t have the office keys. Being the only one still in the office I was unable to lock the office. After several high pitched telephone calls, Sarah appeared, keys in hand, shouting “go go go!!“. I arrived at nursery twenty minutes late to find H shushing a doll, wrapped in a blanket “Sush, sush baby, don’t cry“.

Life is tiring sometimes isn’t it? A beautiful daughter, a profession, a respectable business in its infancy with the potential to soar. Am I asking too much? Is this having it all?   Isn’t this what smart women want?

After putting H to bed I cleaned the kitchen, singing along to the Yentl sound track, enjoying being swept away with the words, until Hubby arrived home.

Thank goodness for Barbra Streisand.

Tomorrow will be better. I have Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer. I also have great abs.

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