Monday 7 March – We Forgot the Codding Potty!

Monday 7 March – We Forgot the Codding Potty!

So much for the week of training. Ten minutes on the phone with Little Sis and she’s offered to join us a day early and make a potty purchasing pit stop.

We try H on the toilet but it isn’t working. H is so small that a part of me is genuinely concerned she is actually at risk of getting flushed away. Sod it, we’ll start tomorrow.

Tuesday 8 March 2016 – Buzzzzzzzzzz

There are at least three Starbucks in Center Parcs. I have had my weekly quota of Chai Tea Lattes in two days.   Hubby and I point at squirrels, we walk along the wet sand on the Centre Parcs ‘beach’ and count swans in the rain with H.

Hubby and I enjoy date night and H gets a night in with Grannie. Curry and delicious cocktails. I am armed with appropriate meds but surprisingly the acid reflux wheeze isn’t too bad.

We arrived back at the villa to find Little Sis and a new potty.  Hurrah!!!

H is very, very happy. Mummy is very, very happy (with a warm cocktail buzz). Hubby ate his own body weight in curry. He is also very, very happy. Grannie is codding knackered.

Wednesday 9 March 2016 – Too late Mummy, I had a wee wee

We spent the morning swimming with H.

H and I had another attempt at potty training. It failed… several times… on the carpet, in the beds, in the swimming pool.

H: “Mummy, I need the potty

M:”On my way

H:”Too late Mummy, I had a wee wee

[Repeat – A LOT!!]

Mum bought the Funny Girl/ Funny Lady box set from the Centre Parcs Supermarket and we watched them (both!) whilst drinking hot chocolate. I obviously have both at home. I think Mum wants a chat.   Both Mum and Little Sis have read my diary so far. We have a chat.

Writing a diary has allowed me to actually look at daily routines. My health has declined, I didn’t realise to what extent until I read at my own words.   The constant cough, the breathlessness and the lethargy has crept up on me slowly. My time and my thoughts have been entirely absorbed by H and work. Maybe having CF means that you can’t be super woman all the time? It’s not easy to admit that.

On my Mum’s recommendation I have found a weekly cleaner. On my Little Sis’ suggestion I plan to set my morning alarm ten minutes earlier moving forward but I plan to stay in bed until I have taken my nebulizer, pod halers and evohaler.

I have accepted that I need to prepare for Sarah’s maternity leave. I have arranged with St James’ CF Ward in Leeds to start intravenous antibiotics in the next few weeks and whilst I will stay at home, Hubby has agreed to cover the office. I will do what I can to prep for cases from home.  He has also read my diary.

Thursday 10 March 2016

I am sick of cleaning and disinfecting puddles of wee. I didn’t have to do this even during my wild student days.

After running out of clean, dry clothes for H and trousers for me (even during a cuddle) I had a little shopping trip and came back to the villa with pull ups, Persil and vodka.

We have another holiday planned. We will try again then. I will remember the potty. I will get on the plane.   The plane!!!

For now, let’s go back to feeling at one with the forest, skipping with ducks and swimming with family.

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