QUICK INTERRUPTION – 25 February 2017 – From one Mum to another.

QUICK INTERRUPTION – 25 February 2017  – From one Mum to another.

I am currently in the process of writing up the diary notes that I made over the Christmas period. For several reasons, this is taking longer than usual. Firstly, those lawyer, Mum, CF responsibilities have taken up a lot of time lately. Secondly, writing up notes retrospectively means that I should really admit to the full blown strop I found myself having on Christmas Eve. I’m finding this a little…challenging. Finally, having almost completed a full year of diary posts, I can’t stop myself from questioning whether my blog is anything more than self-indulgent twaddle.

Yesterday I read a message, which I received via my website from another Mum. She told me that my blog had given her hope. I don’t have an email address linked to my website yet (it’s on the list of things to do, together with booking a regular cleaning service for the office and getting the broken slate on my roof fixed), so I can’t respond directly. I will do so as soon as I have managed to strike that task from my list. However, I wanted to thank her for taking time out of what will be a very tough daily routine to write such a lovely message to me. I wish you and your little star every happiness in the future and I’m so pleased that reading my blog made your day. You should know that your message made mine.

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