Saturday, 25 February 2017

Saturday, 25 February – Sprinkles

We enjoy a very lazy morning in our pyjamas. H has insisted on having a boiled egg for breakfast but so far just looking at the yolk appears to have satisfied her hunger.

Hubby has been AWOL for at least 20 minutes and I suspect he is on the play station in LOB’s room.

I am extremely happy sinking into the comfy settee, cradling my huge mug of tea. We have one comfortable settee and one not so comfortable settee.  The comfortable one doesn’t look as good but is my favourite.

H loses interest in the boiled egg and decides she needs entertaining.

H: “Mummy, can we make a house out of Play Doh?

M: “I’d prefer not to Sweetie, can I have a cuddle instead?

H: ”Can we bake a cake?

M: “Erm…”

H: “Can we put sprinkles on the top Mummy?

H: “Can we?

H: “Mummy, can we bake a cake

M: “Come and give me a cuddle

[I don’t want to bake a cake. I want to chill out on my comfy settee in my dressing gown]

H: ”But I want to bake a cake

H: “Mummy?

H:”I know…

She disappears into the kitchen. She comes back carrying a 6 pack of eggs (minus one).

H: “See Mummy, we have the ingredients. Let’s bake a cake

M: “OK, Let’s get dressed first. I’m going to finish my tea and then get dressed

She disappears into the kitchen again and comes back holding a bowl and a wooden spoon.

H: “See Mummy, we have the bowl and the spoon. Can we bake a cake now please?

H disappears into the kitchen. I am starting to fear what she will return with next when I hear the sound of a high kitchen stool being dragged across the tiled floor.  By the time I make it into the kitchen H has climbed on top of the stool, which is now opposite the treat cupboard.  She is standing on one leg, on top of the stool, holding the cupboard door open and reaching for the sprinkles. “Look Mummy, we have sprinkles too!” she beams.

I recover the eggs and baking equipment from the living room and we bake a cake…in our pajamas… and we cover it with sprinkles.

We also cover the kitchen floor and the dog.

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