Tuesday 12 January 2016

Tuesday 12 January 2016

We made it to the car this morning with only one accident. “Mummy, I’ve done a poo on the floor“… I’m not going to dwell on that.

I’ve taken all prescribed tablets plus a few herbal ones from Boots and I’ve managed to squeeze in all inhalers, my nebulizer and my antibiotic pod haler.

We are all where we need to be by 9.30 am, including the box of files, which is an improvement on yesterday.

I kicked ass with FP, sorting files, firing back snotty emails and responding to the demands of very annoying insurance companies.

I settled a challenging case, obtaining a great result for the client, so treated myself to a hot chocolate with cream at my desk. I managed to scrape together 4 enzyme capsules to take care of the cream.

I left the office feeling like a giant. I collected H and we sang “the alphabet song” in the car on the way home.

H: “Mummy, I neeeeeeeeed cake

M: “Let’s get home first, sweetie

H: “Alright then. Thank you Mummy


We walked in to a warm house, just as it started to snow and Honey barked “hello, welcome back” whilst carrying my slippers…well maybe the last paragraph didn’t happen but today was a great day and it did snow.

I cleaned the kitchen to “Don’t rain on my parade” singing at the top of my voice with Barbra, before going to bed. I cannot sing, I sound terrible. I don’t care.

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